Kulturakademin Trappan is a Cultural Training Program for professionals in film, television and the performing arts and provides courses, workshops and lectures, free of cost for the participants.

Kulturakademin is a nonprofit organization.  The members are Film i Väst (the western film fund), The Gothenburg Opera, Gothenburg symphonic orchestra, Regionteater Väst, Folkteatern, Teater Halland (three regional theaters) The board is responsible for finance and strategy. The board of Kulturakademin Trappan has developed a vision;
“Culture Academy Trappan will be the resource center for skills and skills development for professional businesses and individuals in the performing arts, music, film and television in Sweden

The organization also includes a so called strategy council that includes high-level representatives from the entire branch in western Sweden: The Academies, the institutions, commercial theater, independent group organizations, the social partners in film and stage, Swedish television in the western region, the regional film fund, the film & tv-producers and the Culture and Media Division of the National Employment Office. The organization contributes to artistic development in the performing arts and film and function as a meeting point for professionals in a wide range of fields.
The composition of the council guarantees that the activities harmonies with the needs of professional organizations, groups and individuals.
The council has a unique collaboration and its collective experience and knowledge ensures “The right solution at the proper level at the appropriate time”.

Kulturakademin Trappan is funded by the Regional Culture Commission and the Regional Development Commission. Kulturakademin also collaborates with other organizations in the area as Dansalliansen, Musikalliansen and Teateralliansen. We also provide courses on behalf of employment service culture media.The office in S. Allégatan 1B is staffed by an operations manager, a director and a course coordinator.

Equal opportunity, gender and other perspectives that challenge the status quo are integrated aspects of all work at Trappan.
Every course and workshop leader are informed about Kulturakademin Trappan policies and are required to implement them in their leadership and in the content of their activities. They also get a guide, which is translated into English and can be downloaded from our website.

Kulturakademin Trappan conducts continuous evaluations. By so doing we can pursue continuous improvement. We can also measure whether or not the activities lead to employment for the participants, be it directly or indirectly through deepening and/or broadening competence, increasing self-confidence or networking in connection to courses, workshops, lectures or other activities.